Oven Cooking - Pulled Pork

Technique is simple, 225 degrees Fahrenheit overnight in the oven. In the video we are using a standard Boston Butt...Start it before I go home from VFCA and then pull it from oven first thing in the morning, put on metal table, take foil off of it, and drain fat & liquid. Come back after morning prayer and hopefully it is cooled down enough for you to start "pulling".

I use the 4 inch chafing dishes now and put two butts in each pan. I don't season them or cut them down to fit into 2 1/2 inch chafing dishes that I talk about in video. Most seasoning melts right off of the pork anyway and it is wasted sitting in the juice and fat at the bottom of the pan. No need to cut butts down to fit into 2 1/2 inch chafing dishes because these things have just cooked 14 plus hours in a 4 inch chafing dish!

AFTER draining juice, liquid fat, and removing solid jelly type fat we then "pull" it. Now is when I add seasoning and/or some BBQ and Hot Sauce back into it because now seasoning the taste of the pork is most effective without waste.

THIS makes the whole process even faster than it was before when getting it into the oven.