The Bcookin Show!

Tytus and dad Tyrone work on a video food show project. These are our debut trials. We are not going for perfection. Real and style that is. Flaws and all. I will do some editing and of course, we will get better along the way. Thank you for watching!

In the video, Tytus is toasting some premade biscuits baked earlier in the week. We often prep and cook food ahead of time and then mix and match. And yes, we also use the microwave to reheat. We opted for a small microwave with no extras. It has a power knob and a time knob. That's it. If it's more complicated than that we don't use it.

Tytus also knows that we use wood or non-metal utensils in our nonstick pans. But you know what? It's a perfect opportunity to encourage and reinforce doing the right thing. 

Please leave or send us your comments and questions.

  • You want to see Tytus cook a certain food?
  • Have any cooking questions you want Tytus or I to answer?
  • Are there any techniques you would like to see?
  • Interested in any of the tools or appliances we use?

Your participation will also help us develop which way this will go. We encourage your participation!

Stay TUNED we'll try to keep you posted at least once a week!