Mac and Cheese with 3 Ingredients!


Mac and Cheese with 3 ingredients? YES. I see this recipe pop up all over the internet every few years and I want y'all to know, it works! And it's great! If you want to go one step faster buy the cheese already shredded. 

My son Ezra (8 years old) is the pickiest eater in our house and he PREFERS this over the bright yellow shells and cheese in the box. Do you know the one with "almost melted" American cheese in the foil packet? To be clear, we always bought the one that has no artificial preservatives. Good source of calcium. No certified synthetic colors...

Pasta, evaporated milk, cheddar cheese (or Monterrey Jack, anything melty)...water and salt. << Those don't count. Added BONUS it only takes about 12 minutes