Cool Pops- The Original Hood Popsicle

Back in the day
in my neighborhood, we didn't really have people that sold lemonade. We had Cool Pops.

Drink mix (also pronounced drank mix) or Kool-Aid was made and poured in 5-ounce (?) dixie cups. Or at least a cheap version of dixie cups that made you think it was the same thing. These were then put into a freezer.

It started out a dime and rose to a quarter before I thought I was too old to buy them. Where did I buy them? I bought them from a neighbor. Once you found out who had the best at the cheapest price. The one who kept your favorite flavor in stock.

I grew up in the projects. Or government housing if you prefer. It didn't scare anybody to go to someone else's door in the neighborhood, knock, and then ask "what flavors you got?". I think grape, cherry, and lime were the favorites.

The popular way to eat it was to lick the top long enough for the sides to melt while you were holding it. After that, you popped it out and put it back in the cup upside down. Scraping your teeth across the top (of the bottom) seemed to be the tastiest, most concentrated part of the cool pop. After that, you drank the remaining melted liquid in the cup.

This was a fun treat with some great memories. I also made the design you see and put it on some merch I have on TeePublic I thought it would be fun for those that remember. Link below...

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