The Mayor of Flavortown, Trader Joe's Snack Reviews, and other Curated Culinary Curiosities

In this first post of Curated Culinary Curiosities is a list of culinary things that grabbed my attention in my news feed. Or maybe you could call it "The Foodie Feed". Catchy, no? 

Guy Fieri, some people love him, and then there are the haters. I am not sure why all the hate. I know a lot of professionals (in foodservice) don't think much of Food Network. Most of Guy's stuff is still at or involved with the network. He was a restaurateur BEFORE he won The Next Food Network Star competition. I always enjoyed the Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives show. It highlights local non-corporate food businesses. Sure, this video has some crazy cheesy bling factor to it. BUT if you haven't learned that much about marketing yet, those are the ads that stick in your head the most.

If you need one more reason to "hate" Micky D's, or maybe love them, here is the way they make the onions that go on their burgers. I would encourage you to watch some of the other videos on Essential McDonalds in order to really solidify your opinion on eating there. The choice is yours! Very interesting. But not surprising...
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By now I think I have seen it all...BUT wait! Here's a new kitchen gadget that's about as useful as a lid. It's a cozy to seal in steam and help food to continue to cook. Like a lid. Yes, you too can wash your winter hat and put it over your pots and pans to harness the power of escaping heat to cook your food. Or maybe, use your lid! Basically, to make this product I think they relabeled some winter hats for people with ponytails (or man-buns). Read the full article here >>>


New Year, New Trader Joe’s Snack Reviews - Last, but not least. Here's something useful. A Trader Joe's snack review from Bon Appetit. I found the review helpful and very entertaining. This reviewer has some comic value! I thought this would be a great addition considering our town just recently got a Trader Joe's. Read the full article here >>>
Thanks for coming to "hear" me ramble about new things I curate from the culinary world. In future reports, I'll just call it C3 for short.