Family Kitchen

Tytus and I have started planning a few new meals and ideas for filming. We are at the stage of "family" now that keeps us busy almost every day of the week.

Tytus and Ezra both have several things each week for us to keep up with Karate, Boy Scouts, Youth Group...To name a few.

Nowadays we all occupy the kitchen during mealtimes. Even now Ezra has learned a few things he can cook by himself. Although he prefers not to. We've noticed that along with gas prices groceries have also gone up.

We are not going to compromise the quality of meals we enjoy. Rather, move to be more "kitchen ninja" than before.

Tytus has quite a few "camps" to enjoy this summer but then he says he is ready to get back at it (making videos).

If you do stop by from time to time, leave a comment on something you may want to see. We are hoping to add more "tips, tricks, and kitchen hacks" as we see people enjoy those types of posts.

Hope you had a GREAT 4th of July and summer so far!