Serve - Love Your Neighbor!

Every 1st and 3rd Saturday Tytus and I volunteer our cooking skills to serve our community. With 2 different groups. 

We have grilled hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken...On gas grills, charcoal, and smokers. 

Sometimes we setup assembly lines and make packed lunches with some of the best sub sandwiches available anywhere! 

On cold days we like to make chili or one of my favorites, white chicken chili. We make this with chicken quarters smoked and pulled. And then made in a big pot on a propane burner. 

I have included two links below if you'd like to check out areas to serve in the Huntsville / Madison area. The groups do car mechanics, bicycle mechanics, landscaping/yardwork, painting, all kinds of construction, art and any kind of fun projects with the kids. And this is not an exhaustive list! - Come serve! (Not just cooking)