Stephanie's New Job

After a grueling 3 years working in the ER (and through a pandemic) Stephanie has landed a new job! School Nurse! This will definitely help with our family dynamics and childcare issues. Which will also save us some money. And who doesn't need to save some money? (especially lately!!!)

Because of this, I have also created a few new t-shirts for her to be able to wear to work. Now the last one I made for her when she first started in the ER (the leopard print one) and it has been a best seller along with Tie Dye being trendy again. The retro vintage Nurse one is also HOT right now! To check out all the designs follow this link to my TeePublic store...

On TeePublic they have a few different things available like stickers, more cell phone cases, buttons, magnets, laptop cases, journals...

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