Traveling Europe

When we left the Africa Mercy (Mercy Ships) ship when it was in Tenerife, Canary Islands I (Tyrone) had never used any of my vacation/leave/holiday days from the 18 months working at the base nor the 12 months onboard the ship.

So that allowed Stephanie and me to continue to travel and meet up with old friends in Europe in January and February before having to go back to work in March.

Some days we took good pictures, some days we couldn't be bothered.  I didn't take a great number of pictures of the food because I needed both hands to eat and wipe my mouth without soiling or greasing up the camera...but what pictures we did take I will share below.  Then of course Stephanie had to edit what pictures would make the cut since I am not as demanding.  There are a few blurry pics of restaurants or food places, but I thought they should still be seen in case you may one day be there and recognize that I loved the food at that restaurant.

A lot is going on with us right now as we settle back into living the life of a U.S. citizen so more stories and eats may be blogged about later as I recall fond memories of our travels.

As you will see just a few pics in England, it was cold & snowy.  We also spent time in Belgium too (Brussels) but then again, we just felt too cold and wet to be bothered.  But those places were just as great!

Click on the link to go to the album.  I used fairly simple picture albums so If you have a slow connection it should still be less painful than usual to see them.