Grill your pizza!

Love that pizza oven pizza? Want to cook great 7 minute pizzas at 600 plus degrees(F) and not heat up your home?

I certainly didn't originate the idea but I do use the concept to the fullest!

Buy a pizza stone. I use the square one. Probably the best price is on sale at your local Walmart, Target, or Bed Bath & Beyond. Sometimes Pampered Chef has good sales on them.

Place the pizza stone in the middle of your grill and turn
the temperature up to high if you have a gas grill and close the lid. Whether gas or charcoal keep the lid closed till the temperature rises to your liking. Insert your pizza. Fresh or frozen this technique provides a crispy crust and better taste.

The amount of time needed varies but I make my own pizza dough and the fresh takes about 7 minutes of no peeking time. Peeking releases valuable heat.

Although this is not all encompassing instructions you should feel free to experiment. I also move the stone to the side and grill other items at the same time occasionally. I also like to cook breads like foccacia on the stone. Leave a question or comment for me!