Rare Sweet Potato Found!

Found in captivity, the rare and elusive Grandaddy Long-leg Sweet Potato!  Named after the Grandaddy Long-leg spider for its single unit body and multiple spindly 'legs' growing out of it.

Unlike rare animals that are usually found in the wild, this sweet potato is found in the captivity of homes, long forgotten and left in bins or cupboards never to be seen again until they start to rot and stink!

I ran upon this rare species in an even rarer spot than usual...it was found in a home that cooks and eats lots of food and hosts many guests each week.  I don't want to reveal any names for fear of embarrassment to the owner.  BUT it was found in a home in the Green Mountain vicinity on a Saturday night(hint, hint).
Thankfully we 'caught' this one in time, it almost had enough legs to run away and rot in an undisclosed corner of the house!  Whew, that would stink!  And the sweetness would have called out to the bugs and ants!

You may know the Grandaddy Long-leg Sweet Potato's cousin...Poison Eyes Potato?