What's cookin' lately!

When I came back to Alabama I needed a job.  So when my other options fell thru and time was running out I went to work for a company I had worked for before.  The pay is OK,  the hours are long but only Monday thru Friday, and they were happy to hire me back because of my integrity and good work ethic from before...But it's not been enough.

Culinarily this job possesses nothing for me (pause to feel the emptiness).

Lately, I have been connecting with other like-minded people and really scoping the job opportunities ( which are few and far between) to get back to what I love.  The word 'networking' comes to mind...

I am excited about doing a few functions coming up this month.  First I will be cooking for the upcoming Men's Retreat this weekend and secondly the Leadership Appreciation (event?) next weekend (for my church, Valley Fellowship).

For the Men, I feel a menu heavy on the meat, plenty of starch, and a few veggies thrown in for balance (As if anyone is really concerned! I think NOT).  Because that's what this crowd is about. For the Leadership Appreciation, it will be more sophisticated with heavy hor'dourves.  I'll get back to you on the menu and how everything goes!

I even have a rehearsal dinner booked for February of next year!