Scrubbing The Floor - Once A Month

To get started make sure and rinse the mop out real good first, then ring it out. You will need to use the mop one time in the beginning (behind the refrigerator and freezer after scrubbing) without having the bucket. 

When using the mop bucket and a brush to scrub the floor I either use this...And follow directions on jug...

Or these two products...And use one cap full of bleach and 2 drops of Dawn AFTER filling the mop bucket with water.

If this mixture doesn't seem "sudsy" enough then add a little bit more lemon disinfectant (it has a cleaner in it) or a couple of ADDITIONAL drops of Dawn in the bleach water.

I make fresh mop water the same way. (minus any extra "suds")

Before scrubbing the floor let's remove all the unnecessary stuff in our way. The trash can by the sink and the culinary tool box...

The other trash can by the end of the table and the laundry bag by the freezer...

Also the speed rack and alto-sham warmer in this area...

You can roll or carry it all out right outside the door and front of service window.

The best way to start is to quickly scrub the floor behind the refrigerator and freezer, mop it...

Then push it all back into place.

Now your ready to do the rest of the floor.

I wet the floor down with the brush and scrub small areas of the floor real good.

After getting everything scrubbed down (floor should not be flooded with water) go back and mop the whole floor. Use the same mop bucket just make some fresh mop water. 

Staying in one area till all the excess water has been mopped up and floor is clean. Ring out the mop head as many times as necessary and continue to mop small areas at a time till the whole floor is done. 

When you are through the floor should look pretty clean (or even more so) and not any more wet than a usual day of sweeping and mopping. 


Through experience we found this the most efficient way to do it.

Efficient: achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.