Best Grilled Turkey Burger

Turkey burgers can be a hard thing. Some brands grind it to fine and the texture in your mouth can be dry and mealy. To conquer this, people like to add bread crumbs or eggs to bind them. Or trap moisture in. I use a brand from Aldis that has good consistency. I do not use eggs or breadcrumbs. This allows more people to eat. Sometimes Turkey lacks that good OOMF of meatiness that a beef burger gives. To add a level of that back into the burger, I have a few ingredient suggestions in the video. Keep the Turkey mixture as cold as you can before grilling or pan-frying to keep it firm. But don't be afraid of a loose mixture. Work fast, patty quick, get it on the will get firm with cooking. In this video, I realized I am not that glamorous to look at. That's ok. It's 2020 yall need something to laugh at! LOL