Season and Smash Grilled Chicken Technique

We're not going to keep you here long.
Our video is about 8 minutes. In it, you'll find instructions for enhancing and tenderizing solid cuts of meat. It's a simple technique used best on chicken.

 It will speed up your cooking time when you take it to the grill.
  • The pieces are thinner, cooking faster
  • Being uniform in thickness they can be flipped at the same time
  • They will all be done close to the same time.
AND there may be a few extra tips for grilling vegetables thrown in for added value, for fun.

Let us know how we are doing. Tytus is getting better at filming and our next buy will be a microphone to make the audio better. 

What else? Give us some constructive criticism.
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  • Did you like the older one with the family better?
  • How is the video?
  • Do you know how to subscribe to our channel?
  • Should we make an instructional video on subscribing?
  • What DO or DON'T you like?
There you have a few starter questions to help you think about what we can work on.