BEST Grilled Cheese on a Burger Bun?

A grilled cheese sandwich is delicious! We eat tons of them. On a burger bun? We eat them on any kind of bread! We only need 3 ingredients: cheese, a form of bread, butter(...any form of fat? BACON FAT?). We can even get rid of the butter and still get a "toast" on the bread.

I thought it would be fitting to start the official first episode of The Bcookin Show with a classic. Grilled Cheese Sandwich. Toasted Cheese Sandwich if you prefer.

What is the best tasting version of Grilled Cheese Sandwich you have experienced or made? The most delicious grilled cheese is your own!
  • Smoked Gouda on multigrain
  • Manchego on a baguette
  • Sharp Cheddar on Sour Dough
  • American on white bread...
Your possibilities are endless. And what is the classic soup pairing? Tomato right? What would you say? I love a great grilled cheese sandwich with chili.

Have you ever tried shredding Cheddar or Monterrey cheese and using it on the outside of the bread? It crisps up real nice AND releases enough oil to replace the butter. Crispy cheese toast on the outside with a melted ooey-gooey center. Tytus discovered this technique a while back and he loves it.

We hope you enjoy the simplicity of our Grilled Cheese "how-to" video! In this "first" episode we managed to get the wide-angle or full use of the video screen. We also learned some more "tricks" about posting links and adding fun things to our editing.