Deep Fried Macaroni and Cheese

Terrible. I know its just terrible to make something so good and fattening and deep fry it for even more flavor. But what was also terrible is the recipes that I found when I googled deep fried macaroni and cheese. Some wrote about frying it in a skillet and adding ingredients and some wrote recipes that I believe they never tried like; use (a national known brand of) frozen macaroni and cheese and scoop it out of the foil package and bread it with white bread crumbs? How do you 'scoop' frozen macaroni and cheese? And just how did they bread it without a binder and being frozen? Terrible.

The recipes that sound good give you no pictures. And one recipe goes so far as to add meat, tomato, how is that macaroni and cheese?

Alright. Take your macaroni & cheese out of the refrigerator the next day and cut out fun shapes you would like to fry: squares, sticks, circles, etc.

Then we need to flour, soak (one egg and some milk) and then bread with DRY bread crumbs.
Now lets fry it at 350 to 375. Depending on the size of the macaroni & cheese you cut out will depend how long it takes to cook to hot inside (or for the health department, 140F). Just use some tongs and a thermometer, yes, a thermometer. You should have one if you don't, and definitely if you are new at cooking. Its a good bet that your macaroni & cheese is to big if the breading/crust burns or gets to dark before the inside is done/hot. But a solution to that is frying it till it looks good and then finish it in the oven till you get the temperature you would like internally.  The crust will brown, but slower than in the fryer...we are looking for that creamy indulgence of melted cheese at the core of the macaroni & cheese bite!


This is a good depiction (see picture) of the texture and creaminess of the inside of my macaroni & cheese block. Not to mention a good (on a plate) presentation with maybe marinara or chipotle ranch for dipping sauce.  Hopefully you use quality macaroni & cheese...we did, we used our own!