Tuesday, September 2, 2014

BBQ Chicken Sandwich, Baked Beans, Potato Chips

I am going to try my best to start taking pictures of each meal served here at Valley Fellowship Christian Academy and Little Valley Academy! For those of you who are local and have connections to our school please spread/pass this around to parents and kids. This will give parents an idea of what is being prepared, how its done, and what the presentation looks like. Hopefully providing some positive feedback and encouraging more parents to order our meals for their students!

LVA (K1-K4): For Little Valley Academy we prepared Lays Potato Chips, Baked Beans, and the little version of a BBQ Chicken Sandwich (which is two chicken tenders on a bun with BBQ sauce on the side). * A lot of the little kids frown on grilled (or other forms of) chicken so we stick with the tenders. 

K5-2ND Grade: As the grade get higher and the kids get bigger we increase the amount of baked beans and graduate them to a grilled chicken sandwich where it has been lightly based with a BBQ sauce at the end of cooking. In addition we add a BBQ sauce condiment cup for them to "control" the sauce.

3-6th Grade and High School: Not much difference between 3-6th and High School except the portions. More chicken on the sandwich, more baked beans in the bowl! Both sets of these grades get a Tomato & Lettuce Set-Up (that's what we call it).

Some days you may see me at the grill smoking up the outside parking lot...sorry if I smoked you out, but know that I am preparing and cooking to make your child's lunch delicious and this is just one way of doing it!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

School Lunch, Satire, and Seriousness

To be fair, this is not directed towards the schools themselves, but rather the mandates that are handed down to them.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution was more of a "revelation". Sure, I loved the show and it pointed to weak areas in the school lunch program...but as the show progressed you noticed it was more about food choices, availability, genes, culture, and economics outside of the school system than the actual school food itself!

In public school most children, if not all, are NOT overweight and/or unhealthy because of their food choices at school. Even before the government started changing the requirements of school lunch (and breakfast) when have you EVER known a person that became overweight, obese, or unhealthy solely because of their school lunch or breakfast? We were eating long before we started kindergarten so lets not be so bold as to say the school system is responsible for our food choices and health...But maybe they should be held responsible for trying to force their "solution" to the problem on us! In essence they are now guilty of diminishing our freedom, right?

[start satire] Let's recap what we have learned the last few years from reading the daily headlines. I think we will find that maybe, just maybe problems with our schools lunches may indeed be created by the school system itself!
  • Bad lunches, not enough calories, and absurdities created by the overhaul. Google: "School Lunches Michelle Obama" 
  • PE (physical education) now consists of mostly non-physical activity because of "unfairness", injury, bullying, competition(that encourages a "negative" aggression?)...et cetera. Or, we have given electives to opt out of PE.
  • Parents complaints of school having so much homework the kids never get to play outside before it gets dark! [although depending on your research and statistics you use, this is considered a myth. Not that it doesn't happen, but that the percentage is less than 13%]
So help me figure this out, we take away almost all the physical from "physical education". Then we burden our kids with so much homework there's no time to play outside. But now we are concerned with their health enough to reconstruct school lunches with lackluster choices and poor calorie content? Of course! They no longer need high calorie content because they have very little physical activity during and after school! (Unless of course you are involved in school sports!) But wait! There's more! Maybe BECAUSE they took away so much physical activity in PE and gave them so much homework THAT'S when those prior high calorie school lunches started giving our children health problems, weight gain, and sluggish school performance? [end satire]

As in most situations its easy to complain, be the critic, and rant over a perceived injustice without actually being part of the solution or offering to help! SO here are a few suggestions towards a more suitable solution to this problem...

  • What if we put the physical back in physical education and make it mandatory (no opting out unless its medical)...thirty minutes to an hour of exercise does not have to be competitive, unfair, or allow for bullying. Remember jumping jacks, squats, running in place, using the medicine ball...? 
  • Decrease the amount of homework to promote more after school physical activity and school sports? [Won't we get more productive results on school work done IN SCHOOL when the body is well fed and invigorated?] 
  • And last, but not least...remove as much processed food from school lunch as we can while maintaining the calorie count of "yesterday". [More Jamie Oliver, less Michelle Obama]

If food doesn't taste good and its not an enjoyable choice for children, its thrown in the trash! Wasted food, wasted money! We still have the freedom to pack their lunch, but if we don't start fighting somewhere they may start regulating that!

Friday, August 8, 2014

School In Session! Chicken and Waffles

Going into my third year of the newly started lunch program here at Valley Fellowship Christian Academy (k5-12) and Little Valley Academy (infant to k4) I decided to start sharing some posts from  a work perspective. 

In the past I have done a bit of everything which helps educate and make one a well rounded food service professional. Starting a school lunch program from scratch started a new chapter in my "cook book". Now that we are in it a couple of years I thought it would be nice to share some plates and thought process. 

Above is a meal for Little Valley Academy. Its a play on that classic, chicken & waffles. Most of the kids that will eat this are between 1 and 4 years old. It includes crispy chicken tenders (oven baked, not fried), small waffles that I cut into 4 sticks (Aunt Jemima brand), a fruit cup, Mrs. Buttersworth syrup in condiment cup (tastes like butter is already in it, older kids will actually get real butter pats), and a pack of ketchup. We add ketchup because the kids may still want to eat their chicken tenders without syrup. Depending on fruit prices the cup could be 4 ounces of tropical fruit mix from a can, or fresh fruit. I don't like to use fruit cocktail, the color of the fruit seems to all blend together and the fruit itself can be near mush consistency. If I won't eat it or I wouldn't feed it to my kids, I am pretty sure I won't feed it to your kids!

Next month we will try it with the academy (K5-12). The plate usually graduates as it goes up the grades...bigger portions, more condiments (like real butter), larger size waffles, and not cut into sticks.

Mama's & Daddy's give me some feedback on what your children like to eat...what do you think they would order at school...is this a dish you would order for your child? Menu suggestions...

Monday, August 4, 2014

LIBRARY! The Poor Person's Internet?

LIBRARY = FREE! Go get a library card!  If you haven't already done it, SHAME ON YOU! Its FREE, and remains free as long as you can get all your items back in on time, or renew them.

Whats available for check-out at the Library today?
  • Books, of course! I found culinary books that were released this year
  • Magazines
  • DVD's
  • CD Rom - computer software
  • Free internet use, and free Wi-Fi (most libraries today even small ones!)
  • Free lectures like the one I attended: 'Myths in Food Nutrition Today' hosted at the library by a woman who had multiple degrees in nutrition and diet.
Here are a couple of examples on how to use a library:
  • I have found instructional DVD's from Jacques Pepin to Julia Child cooking and technique.
  • I surf thru http://ecookbooks.com and http://amazon.com to read reviews and see what culinary books I would want next and then find 80% of them at my local library! (that saved me some money!)
  • When obtaining the culinary resources I want I 'check in' online and reserve or request books from other branches - an alert is emailed to me when to pick them up!
  • Some libraries have online resources for downloading audio, video, and pdf/digital books.
  • Food & Wine related magazines that are up-to-date (they have monthly subscriptions at the Library) for example:  Savour, Gourmet, Cooking Light, Taste of Home, Food & Wine...
  • Sometimes an additional used book store (in, or attached to the library) that sell used books and magazines for pennies on the dollar. In the age of new technology where people are purchasing more books in digital format I am finding excellent, classic, high-dollar books (of all genre) by the dozens in library used book stores.
Above (in picture) I found On Food And Cooking by Harold McGee $2, Yes two dollars! The Soul Of A Chef by Michael Ruhlman $0.50, fifty cents! I had previously purchased these books a long time ago, read them, and re-read them and them passed them on to others. I may re-read The Soul Of A Chef and even keep On Food And Cooking for reference in my library, but at this price I would gladly buy them and give them away again!

What All Libraries Have Today This link goes to a government site that explains in more detail than my brief listing above what can be found at your local library. One of the greatest FREE resources on the planet that dates back BEFORE the internet and still includes the internet.  GET YOUR LIBRARY CARD TODAY!

Monday, July 28, 2014

Returning Restaurant Food When Things Go Wrong!

I have spent many years in restaurant kitchens and I would tell you that if your order comes to the table and its incorrect I would do one of four things:
  1. Eat it as is
  2. Refuse to pay for it. 
  3. Ask the plate to be redone properly as you asked for it, with new ingredients. (like if your steak was not cooked enough, do not accept the same steak back again after it was cooked longer, get a new steak cooked properly with new side items to go with it! -anything that's on the same plate-
  4. Refuse it and pick something else off the menu.
The reasoning behind this is if your food goes back to the kitchen to be 'fixed' several things immediately increase exponentially:
  • First and foremost if you do not eat it "as is" you will now be delayed in eating with the rest of your party, if that's not a problem, then continue on.
  • The chance your food will be microwaved if its not cooked well.(not a problem? Continue...)
  • When your food goes back into the kitchen how many people touch that plate? How many people are hovered over your food in the back? Was it handled incorrectly? What if someone coughed or sneezed over it? Does it get reheated or re-plated on or next to something you have an allergy to? Cross contamination from something passing over it? 
  • Kitchen staff 'messing' with your food because you sent it back during a busy time thus slowing everybody down and making people mad. At this point whether you were right, and/or picky doesn't matter to the kitchen and wait staff. And you can't see behind those doors can you? (although with the increased awareness, restaurant guidelines, and lawsuits...this may be a very minuscule possibility)
The chance of these things happening to your food multiply each time it goes back. If the restaurant your eating at is "upscale", fancy, or "high end" enough, they would never take that plate back to fix it, and give it to you again. They would remake it from "scratch". They would only take it back to get it out of your way. Some corporate and franchise restaurants have guidelines about food returning so there's a chance your replacement would be made from "scratch". If in doubt, ask!

Of course there are some people who are going to abuse this to "scam" free food, or an extra plate...but not if the restaurant standard is to remove the "wrong" plate at the arrival of the "right" plate.

Your safest bet for delicious hot food that has been handled minimally and correctly was the first time it came out.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Parents Date Night - Restaurant Tips

As parents we want a nice quiet date night at the restaurant, child free! And yes, that does mean free from others kids as well. So the number one tip would be to sit away from families! BUT if by chance I can not arrange seating that is away from a rambunctious family of loud, crazy kids...then YES I will show grace and maybe even entertain them with a few funny faces or high fives if the situation calls for it. As a parent I understand kids are not programmable robots and pick the worst times to have the worst behavior and sometimes spiral to a meltdown because of exhaustion!

That being said, here are a few good tips I thought I would share that my wife and I practice:
  • Leave the house early if possible. Between 4 and 5pm. If you have small kids then you are used to eating early anyways. 
    • This allows you to be going the opposite way of work traffic, easy flow.
    • There is usually not a waiting list at the restaurant already.
    • You have the pick of seats before it gets busy.
  • Make things easy on yourself and plan to use valet parking if available. A lot of malls or restaurant/shopping areas now have free valet. Just remember to put a good tip in the valets hand(when picking up the vehicle). Yes, budget it into your "going out'" or entertainment money. Do I do this a lot? No, but if its available and it makes life easier for one glorious night out...yes, do it!
  • No matter what kind of seating you like remember tables next to serving/wait stations, the bathrooms, kitchen service doors, front/lobby door, and at the end of the bar are terrible choices. Most of these tables will have heavy traffic, drafts, smells, noise...et cetera.
  • If you do eat later, or if the restaurant is already busy, REMEMBER most tables and booths that are around the bar area, but are separated from the rest of the restaurants tables/booths are almost ALWAYS first come first serve. Those are NOT the "seating" people are on the waiting list for...My wife and I usually walk right in and find a nice booth I like that is empty and slide right into it. Server usually shows up in minutes.
  • As a last or first resort, (depends on your feelings of being seen sitting at a bar by your local church denomination) you can sit at the bar and eat dinner. Its only the two of you and you can sit and talk even closer than you could at a table or booth. Not to mention you can usually get your food faster and you always have someone within ten feet to service your every request.
These are just a few helpful suggestions that come to mind...What tips do you have that you can add to this list?

Thursday, July 3, 2014

July 4th, A Napa Valley Birthday!

[This is a "Throwback" or "Back in tha day..." post. One of many originals that were lost. Back in 2009 my wife planned one of my most memorable fourth of July birthdays of all time! We were currently living in The Bay Area, California and we spent much of our time exploring the 'culinary scene', beaches & ocean, and enjoyed the riches of Farmers Markets in a state that can darn near grow everything!]

5 Years Ago:
My wife knowing she would be out of town, and I would be working on my birthday (July 4th!) planned a trip to Napa for later in the month.  So last Tuesday we headed out for a few days in Napa Valley.

What's in Napa?  Wine, wineries, vineyards, restaurants...all kinds of culinary delights!

Tuesday morning after a mere 2 hours of driving we arrived in Yountville, home of many Restaurants more notably Thomas Keller's French Laundry.  Then we could also talk about Ad Hoc, Bouchon, Bouchon Bakery...But we also wanted to visit Michael Chiarello's Bottega!  Not to mention the yummy deli sandwiches at the Oakville Grocery Co...Ok, so as not to drag this out here is how it went in a nutshell:

Breakfast at Lou's Cafe a favorite local place (Tuesday morning) then on to Napa Valley.  Stop at Yountville and get macaroons, brioche, eclairs, and coffee at the Bouchon Bakery.  Next we headed to our appointed wine tour at the Robert Mondavi Winery (Excellent! I read the book The House of Mondavi: The Rise and Fall of an American Wine Dynasty) which helped form pictures, places, and the 'feel' of the book I read about the Mondavi's...it was like a sense of coming full circle - completing a study, if you will -  for me after reading the book and drinking the wines then being able to get an inside look at the winery and history.

On the way back to Napa City we stopped by the Oakville Grocery for a little lunch outside at their tables with sandwiches from the deli.

Later Steph and I checked into the The Inn on First (Bringing a touch of San Francisco to Napa Valley its a luxury Bed & Breakfast) you will just have to trust me on this one, or check the link, it was worth it!  Excellent!  Jacuzzi/Hot Tubs in the rooms...complimentary champagne and chocolate truffles, all the services you could think of and the Chef, Jim, a graduate of the California Culinary Academy (Le Cordon Bleu) who cooks you a signature breakfast every morning (included in your stay).  Mercedes, Morgon, Jim (Jamie was on holiday) all graceous hosts!  This was in Napa the city, not Yountville. All of it is considered in Napa Valley.

Then we went for a little walk around town and ate and excellent meal at Allegria.  We didn't even order a real meal, just ate multiple choices from the appetizer menu! We once again headed out for a little walk and stopped at Cole's Chop House for a dessert.  A Banana's Foster which some may consider a classic...it came to the table FLAMING.  It was an impressive display even though that's what I was expecting.  That was for Steph, I enjoyed a warm chocolate brownie paired with a caramel gelato and chocolate sauce.

The next day we had a breakfast quesadilla that was sent out by the chef, and of course there was all the cold breakfast things like cereals, oats, granola, fresh fruits...Then we headed of to the other side St Helena where stopped in to tromp around the Culinary Institute of America in Greystone after asking, wandering, and looking at everything they would let us see (I believe classes were in session) we headed out to the side of the establishment to visit the school store/shop.  Some of the stuff was unique to the CIA but a lot of it was like being in a Williams-Sonoma, not really anything I wanted to buy that I didn't already have or see a need for.  But it was all interesting just the same.

On the way back thru we stopped at Dean & Deluca's for 'lunch stuff'.  Then we went to the Yountville Park to have a picnic where we got run off by bees and the French Laundry Company Picnic (they had the whole place reserved)...but my interest was in who was catering THEIR company party?

Going to the French Laundry unfortunately was out of our budget range and we didn't have a reservation.  Looks like they were doing some heavy maintenance or construction to the back of it when we came thru, not sure.  We also tried to eat at Ad Hoc but strangely enough they were closed both of the 2 full days we were in the neighborhood...but thats OK on to that nights reservations at Bottega!

We first took a little refresher back at The Inn on First and then, Bottega.

This is Michael Chiarello's restaurant.  Current Top Chef: Masters competitor and food network personality also owning NapaStyle trademark stores and Chiarello Family Vineyards.

It was wonderful!  Or as my friends in England would say, Brilliant!  I didn't even make it to the 'Secondi!' course (Which was a shame for me...but I didn't want to leave being in to much pain to enjoy it!) because we had multiple antipasti's and pastas.  Although we did skip to dessert, who could miss that?

What a night, we made our way back to the Inn slowly and took another walk.  Unfortunately Stephanie's pregnancy 'sickness' decided to re-appear for awhile so it was early to bed for her...but besides her feeling bad, we couldn't have ended the night any better...I spent some time just relaxing and thinking about what was going to come out of the kitchen for breakfast the next day...

More could be said and was done, But alas I have probably bored you with my excitement.  Our time there was great, and my wifey did an excellent job with plans and putting up with me tasting and commenting on everything (more just to myself than actually being a critic of anything).  Being only 2 hours away I am sure we will continue to visit and explore all the culinary avenues available to us.

[I suppose I should have took pictures of the food, like in Bottega...But as you are 'in the moment' sometimes you can't be bothered.]

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fix Exhaust Hood: $6

Recently I came in to work and realized my exhaust fan/hood was not properly working. There was no suction in order to ventilate the kitchen. Flipping the hood switch on and off I discovered there was a "power" sound and that the air induction part was still operating but not the exhaust fan.

I have run into this problem before in the past and sometimes its just as simple as replacing a belt. Now I understand larger kitchens, franchises, and corporate america usually call in maintenance or a company that comes in and fixes these kind of problems, BUT I run a small commercial kitchen. And yes, if I were to ask they would bring someone in right away to fix the problem...But come on, we know there is probably going to be at least a $200 service charge right? And that's before they even start to assess the situation or do any labor.  (Please do comment and let me know how much these things cost you! I would love to know how expensive its going to be in the future if its not an easy fix!).

Not being scared of heights I borrowed a ladder from maintenance and got up on the roof and removed 4 easy clips from the dome on top of my exhaust. Before climbing up I turned the master switch off in the kitchen. After turning off a secondary switch close to the actual motor I then turned the master switch back on. That way you can sit on top of the roof and use that switch to check and see what wrong or how things work when you get the exhaust fan back together.

As you can see from the pictures its a pretty small unit. It was indeed a worn out, broke belt that kept the exhaust fan from working. Here I already replaced the belt. The motor itself was attached to another metal plate that attached to the base unit. There were four bolts in the plate (you can see part of plate in picture) you can loosen and then slide the motor and plate back and forth in order to quickly and easily change the belt. The belt for this unit costs $6 at Grainger

While I was up there I decided to check the air intake system as well. Both the motor and belt on that unit looked great! It also had a separate switch close to the motor that makes it much easier to work on and check without running up and down the ladder. But while I was up there I removed the 2 filter plates and gave them a good cleaning before putting the top back on the unit. Which by the way, was 2 screws.

Problems like these can sometimes be diagnosed and fixed yourself for very little money. And EVERYONE is trying to save money (or at least keep what they have) these days! Oh yeah, while your at it BUY a few backup belts for the next time. (or just in case you tighten the belt up to much, or leave it to loose and it shreds off again!) And remember if its cold or hot outside so you can adjust the tension on the belt accordingly, it will affect the performance of the belt when the temperature changes.

If you have any Do It Yourself equipment tips, techniques, and/or fixes in the HOME or COMMERCIAL/PROFESSIONAL kitchen, I would love to hear them!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mothers! You can't be a Father without them! (Father's Day Reflections)

Sunday is usually a beautiful day to begin with, yes, I said beautiful! Being Father's Day just increased the joy of waking up to the sunshine trying to sneak past the blinds. [ Don't worry, this is not where I start "waxing poetic" as if I could! Unless of course that's what you consider my way of interpreting things...] For once I think I didn't wake up to my son raising a ruckus playing in his room at 530 am in the morning!

Steph wished me Happy Father's Day and whisked the boys down stairs to play so I could "sleep in". Sleeping in (for me) is probably 7 am at the latest! HA! But usually after I wake up, that's it, I am awake for the rest of the day. I took advantage of the extra time in bed to reflect and ask myself "how good of a father am I really? Am I doing my best?" and then I moved on to thinking about the wonderful family I have.

Downstairs to the coffee I went! There I got my "Happy Fathers Day" greetings from the boys, along with a card made with several memorable pictures of the family! Steph was now keeping the boys occupied so I could relax, read a few articles online on my favorite sites, sip my coffee. Its a full-time job feeding our boys for breakfast! Actually ANY MEAL we feed them! They eat "LIKE A BOSS"! We then move on to getting ready for church...

Steph was looking GOOD and I look, well, like I usually look, laid back and relaxed like I was going to a beach-side service. Or for those of you who can relate, my Mercy Ships look! LOL

Sunday service was excellent! Good friend and Missionary Hal Ward with Vino Nuevo Ministries spoke in our June series UNcommon. Also, all the Fathers received a copy of the book:
Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance. (let ya know if its good, haven't read it yet)
 [as a side note, I wish being a good Father was more common than uncommon! SIGH]

Shuttling the kids back home we got their lunch together and then off to nap time for almost everybody! I usually take this time to relax, read, watch a movie or show, I'm not a big "napper". I then called my own dad to wish him Happy Fathers Day and set up a time for us to spend together!

Without these "Homies", I would not be a Father!
Thanks Stephanie! That's why mothers are so important,
can't be a Father without Mother!
After nap we spent the rest of the evening playing outside with the boys! We have one of those kids water play-stations, a child's inflatable pool, and several others things like swing-set, et cetera...Ahhh the life! By this time I have my feet in the pool while I sit in my chair happily creating havoc as I use the water hose to spray the boys as they try to run away!

Steph has made some taco salads, tacos, guacamole, and quesadilla's and we eat outside...Mmmm that has hit the spot!

It was a GREAT Fathers Day! Laid back, enjoyable, time with the family...no hustle bustle long wait to eat at a restaurant, no big schedule of plans on a tight time frame, just a lovely day!

*[for those of you still wondering "what did he get?" I am fine with just this, a day of gratitude! BUT as my loving wife would have it, I get to pick out my own grill! My old grill is about to rust apart. It will probably be a combination Father's Day/Birthday gift...those things cost some money!!!]

Friday, June 13, 2014

Happiness & Facebook

I decided a few months ago I would scale back on "liking" or commenting on "political" and controversial issues on +Facebook. More or less, it was an exercise, an experiment in controlling my happiness. We could probably interchange the word "face" in Facebook with "brag", "look at me!", and/or "I'm the (Wo)Man". Sure, I am guilty of it too...I post things I am interested in, my family I want to dote on, culinary things I have done or am into...BUT in the beginning I just wanted to stay in touch with friends and family from around the world and see what they were doing! And in turn, give them a little piece of what I am doing in my life.

Somewhere along the way I got caught up with arguments and debates about politics, controversial topics, outrageous news stories THAT, come to find out, weren't even HALF true from "reliable" news sources! Everybody has become a journalist/reporter with their own brand/perception of truth! Sharing and re-sharing things so much that even if they were a hoax of untruth, they have now become perceived as a FACT!

Since I have scaled back from so much participation from the negative or "unsolvable" (because debates on theology, politics, gun control, et cetera are not necessarily negative, but your not really going to "win" or solve the problem on Facebook, lets get real about it!) and concentrated on the motivational, uplifting, positive aspects of peoples lives on Facebook I truly feel a level of my happiness has returned! I didn't have to QUIT Facebook, I just tailored my news feed to omit people that tend to post a LOT of this type information. AND I quit participation in "likes' or comments that keep a continual stream of replies that keep sucking you back in to "unsolvable" things! Have I un-friended anybody? No. Although it is true you can block people from showing up on your timeline without un-friending them, I chose to handle it by showing restraint. Eventually Facebook "algorithm" shows less and less of that stuff on my wall.

There are probably studies out there that can even confirm what I am going to tell you next: In my opinion Facebook can feed your need for approval until you are dependent upon it. That's not healthy. Do you post stuff on Facebook to see how many "likes" you can get? Or lure someone into a debate? To shock people? To have comments affirming and approving something you've done, seen, heard, and/or agreed with? OF COURSE YOU HAVE! SO HAVE I! And for the most part, I don't see this as wrong...but it can create a "need" and that's the part I consider not healthy. I'm no doctor, but I have experienced enough things in this world to throw my "two cents" in on WHAT NOT TO DO if your like me, or prone to certain behaviours!

Once again, all of this is merely my perception, my opinion, my own personal experiment that I have seen results in for myself. Try it out. See if over time you find yourself happier, see if you feel like less doubt has crept into your world for things you were certain, confident, already pretty sure about.

Things that make you go HMMM. Remember the Arsenio Hall show and/or that song by C&C Music Factory(I think)? Ok, maybe not. Facebook still, after all these years, does not have a "dislike" or "hate" button. You can "unlike" after you have "like" something, but you can't start out by "disliking" it. Whats the psychology behind that I wonder? Hmmm.

What you can expect from me is to continue posting things (pics, comments, shares...) on friends, family, food, and faith! Occasionally I like to "weigh in" on other things...like if we are talking about certain products we like, or books we have read, an injustice...but I have already scrolled my activity back to reflect my happiness and I already have close family, friends, mentors, and pastors so I don't need to "grow" an addiction, a dependency, on acceptance approval based on Facebook.

NOW to my friends that I usually give a hard time too, debate, and otherwise heckle...Oh yeah, I am still going to BRING IT!