Wifey got Skills!

My wifey bang'd out these cool Christmas tree cupcakes for Tytus party today at school!

Tattoo: Prayer, Pride, & Groundhog Day

I was thinking about a tattoo. The kind that go on the inside of your wrists so you can constantly see them at a glance. Tattoos are cool. Or can be cool, on other people. My wife has a few I like. I have never really wanted any myself. Not even in my young and rebellious years did I want to run out and get one. Maybe from time to time I thought it would be cool to have a permanent reminder in the form of a tattoo. But mostly it has never been a desire. Till lately...

"Prayer, Pride, & Groundhog Day" is what I was thinking for the inside of my wrists, or maybe just one wrist. Strange huh? I wanted words that reminded me of choices needed in my life to help change my life.

"Prayer" would remind me that in all circumstance I should think to pray first. Prayer is so important that when people you know who couldn't care less about God will come ask you for it in difficult times. Our nation defaults back to prayer for support in bad times.

"Pride" would remind me where I came from, where I am, and where I want to go...BUT mainly it would remind me to be humble and not be a jerk.

"Groundhog Day" would remind me of that Bill Murray movie where he gets to keep repeating the same day till...well if you haven't seen the movie I won't ruin it for you. Every day we're alive we constantly, in real time, get to choose to make right decisions. It would remind me, just like in the movie, to make the most of each day. If you make mistakes then each day your alive affords "chances" to correct them or at least not to repeat them.

I think the oddity of that tattoo would be a sure conversation starter.

Caramel Apples

Most kids (or parents for that matter) don't really want to tackle a whole caramel apple. I decided to do quarter of an apple size slices with Granny Smith apples. I bought my supplies (except Caramel and apples) at the dollar store. Cupcake liners help for easy serving and cleanup. I topped then with sprinkles, chocolate drizzle, and crushed skittles. (Things I had on hand leftover from another event.) These were sold at a fundraiser. Its easier to sell more of these at a much smaller price than a full coated apple. 

Are you who you want to be?

Remember that Switchfoot song? This is your life, are you who you want to be? 

Can you relate to when things are really going rough in your family to the point where you just laugh instead of cry...or when things get crazy and you just want to pull your hair out? That's when my wife and I usually sing this line of the Switchfoot song to each other. "This is your life, are you who you want to be?"

Over time married couples who spend time together in the good, the bad, and crazy times develop looks and code words. These "looks" and "code words" help keep each other in check, whether in public or private, as we help maintain our sanity and composure. Did you notice I used the word "our"? There is no sanity and composure when one of us is unraveling.

But don't let this small insight be just for couples. Single people, you can ask yourself the same question, "This is your life, are you who you want to be?". We may all need this little jingle to bring attention to the moment, or whats coming in the future.

Most of the time our answer is "Yes!". And if its not, we evaluate and make the change necessary. Sometimes the change is not immediate but you can still answer "Yes!" as you work on it and make progress.

Godspeed and great coffee to you this Friday!

The Homies: Tytus Starts Kindergarten

Man! Time is flying by...

My oldest Homie Tytus just started k5! We don't even have tying shoelaces down to a science yet. 

You've seen blogs, posts, and articles all over Facebook and social media...GET OFF THAT PHONE, TABLET, AND/OR IPAD or your going to miss your kids growing up!!! And you wonder how they got "that way" when you spend all your time hurrying on to the next thing and trying to rush "sleep time" along because you needed a break. (And sometimes we do!)

My boys are really sweet, loving, and then...you may unexpectedly get headbutted! Whining, crying, getting on your nerves and then...you realize they just need some "lovin'"! Its all in there.

I subscribe to the theory of boys "growing up and being men" from that old book by John Eldridge, Wild At Heart... it would do you good to read the introduction if you have boys. I am sure there are newer and supposedly more "relevant" books out there, BUT I read this at a time...well, at a time when I feel like it really sank in and God knew I would be having boys years later.

I will get to live, re-live, have new adventures, and experience all the fun of being a child again with my boys!

The Homies: Ezra turns 3!

Recently my youngest homie Ezra turned 3. He's a big boy. I often laugh and describe him as if he was a minion that was magically turned into a real boy!

What is it that people say? "He's daddy's boy!" or "just like daddy". I suppose its because he's so "rough and tumble", stubborn, hard-headed, and built like a tank. Even though I would like to think its because he's so handsome and smart. He also has that blond almost white hair that still hasn't went away. I love it!

Before he had his own little birthday party in his pre-school room another little child did and they gave out party hats. Ezra loves those pointy dunce cap looking party hats! He tried to wear it to bath and to bed for two days! And that was after playing outside all afternoon with it on!

Good thing both the wifey and I know how to cook because it helps save money on the grocery bill! BOTH boys can pack some "groceries" away!

Some Days...

I haven't added a whole lot of content here recently as you may have noticed. Between family, work, and life in general I get lost in not caring about writing another blog post. Yes. That's the truth. I start thinking about all the food websites, blogs, videos, and Facebook pages out there and it tires me out thinking about adding something "out there" in social media that hasn't already been done, food-wise.

Not to mention nowadays if its not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter nobody really has enough attention span to stop and read a post. Maybe its just me?

Now I am contemplating just discussing life, my life, in small posts or snippets here and there...

Sam's FOODIE Club

I noticed lately at my local Sam's Club it has really tried to draw in the "foodie" crowd. Sure it has the usual restaurant section and the home kitchen aisle BUT now they are really getting into it!

Wood Fired Oven. Cool, yet steep(price). I think we could make a bigger one with less money...a friend once found online where you could make one out of used or broken tombstones(recycling baby!)! -- Imagine pulling a delicious pizza out of it and seeing "Here lies Bro..." crusted into the bottom of it? HAHAHA 

iGrill2. I thought it was cool how it works with your phone BUT I would rather use all four thermometers in the oven. Notice there is colored "plastic" on the probes. I know you can heat them up to high temperatures I just don't know about open flames. My skepticism.

Vitamix. I'm sorry, I can't justify $600 for this. I have a Waring Pro blender that will crush rocks on the "pulse" setting for about 10% of this price. But I'm open for a donation in return for an honest review of the product.

Chocolate & Dulce De Leche Cake

Don't hate...I had some sweetened condensed milk to get rid of, OH, and some chocolate cake too!