To Clarify...

Deja Vu Dinner? (this Sunday night)

Flip Flops... They flip and they flop


The Q

Zoo? Brazilians? Black Sand?

Tragedy in Santa Cruz Port

Menu Update

Land sick no more.

Response #3


Tears of Laughter

Tuesday Night (late for AFM'rs) - Wednesday morning Surprise!

Back to the food for a minute...

Response #2

Thanks Dr. B


animals, sunshine, and waffles

Response #1

Reality Check

Current State of Equipment

One man's trash is another man's treasure...

Peter, Peter, chocolate eater...

Chad - the AFM Intranet Webmaster & Bob - A Hunger Artist

First of many!!

Where's the BEEF?

Getting the Ship in top Shape

The lesser of two weevils...

Ode to the CHI

Stephanie's plight...Tyrone's ramblings

Tyrone the Rock Star

AFM menu - Introduction

The Taj Mahal

You smell the way I want you to smell.

Christmas Meal & Stollen